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About Me



Growing up listening to likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, The Shadows and Jimi Hendrix meant that when the chance to start learning guitar came, I took it. A year later I started Secondary School and continued to learn, as well as perform regularly with fellow pupils. I eventually took G.C.S.E. Music before starting college in 2003.

While progressing through my A Levels, I became increasingly influenced by the lead playing of guitarists like Jeff Beck, David Gilmore, Steve Lukather and Eddie Van Halen. I also became particularly fascinated with guitar harmony in solos, especially Brian May’s orchestral approach.

At eighteen in 2005, while embarking on a degree in music, I started working in my first serious band. In the third year of that course I had the opportunity to compose and record an original album. By this time I had discovered the extensive work of Rush, Pink Floyd, Yes, Dream Theater and other progressive rock bands. As a result, I opted to write a science fiction concept album with a central story that combined songs with narration.


After the degree, I briefly considered becoming a solo singer/song writer before opting to join an originals band based in Plymouth. I continued working in that act (and others) for the following three years, contributing ideas and singing backing vocals where needed.

In 2011, I moved to London to start a Masters Degree in Composing for Film & Television at Kingston University. My rock influences remained but I also started listening to fusion and jazz, as well as orchestral and cinematic music. During the course I trained as an orchestral/choral conductor and began to write for various short films and animations.


I finished the Masters in September 2012 and returned to Cornwall. For the past decade I have been working as both a composer/guitarist and instrumental tutor. A few years ago I co-founded a rock trio, filling the role of both guitarist and singer. 




2011 - 2012

MMus Composing for Film & Television

Kingston University

Coombehurst Campus, Kingston, London

2007 - 2008

BA (Hons) Music

University of Plymouth

Rolle College Campus, Exmouth, Devon

2005 - 2007

FdA Popular Music

University of Plymouth

 Truro College Campus, Truro, Cornwall

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